Building Design

Constructive Individuals is a small practice, but very efficient in the way projects are carried forward. All design work – after any hand-drawn sketches to shape initial ideas – is carried out on computer.

We use sophisticated 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, which means that in addition to producing traditional plans, sections and elevations, we work with a 3D model of the proposed building throughout the design process.

This gives us much more flexibility in the type of information we can produce, which might include accurate interiors to explore sunlighting, or photomontages to illustrate proposals to neighbours or planners. Clients can “walk through” the virtual building at an early stage – seeing how it will look, and how sunlight will come into it.

Having the proposals on computer means that changes can be made very quickly, and “what if” versions can be produced to explore ideas.

It also means we can carry out embodied / lifetime carbon analysis of our design work using the AECB embodied carbon tool (which conveniently integrates with PHPP – find out more about this in the Passivhaus design section)!

Tales from the Tesla

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When the only way is up

Over the years I have done a bit of work with local schools – from working with schoolkids on participatory projects through to simple extensions.

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A converted coalshed

Sometimes I meet clients early in their journey towards finding a suitable opportunity to do what they want. Mick & Sadie met me when they

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Our Home, My Office

Shortly after Tim and JJ’s house was completed, the Victorian end-terrace house next door came up for sale. Fronting onto mature trees at the foot

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