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Robert Wilkinson School, Strensall

We have worked with Robert Wilkinson School over a long period, having designed new classrooms at the head-teacher’s previous school.

Recently we have designed proposals for two significant additions to the school:- a new building for Music and the arts, and new Year Three classrooms forming a new upper storey over part of the existing single-storey building.

Both have been designed to be as sustainable as possible, with the compact form of the Music building chosen to enable energy performance close to Passivhaus levels. But the building also aims to be a special place in which to study, with the glazed end wall giving views out into the countryside.

Similarly the proposed classrooms combine simple, modular construction to allow quick construction and a minimum of disruption, with a form which provides light, pleasant interiors and - for each of the classrooms and also the staff accommodation - access to an outdoor terrace.