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Tadcaster Road, York

The clients had recently moved into a semi-detached house, knowing that they wanted more space but uncertain about exactly how best to obtain it. While the scope of the project was relatively modest, the clients were keen to explore options thoroughly prior to committing to particular design proposals.

By working flexibly with a local builder, the work was phased to allow them to both continue living in the house throughout the works and also to consider design options right up until the last minute. This is often desirable - ideas tend to come from seeing physical changes in a space when walls are removed or openings formed.

We used Vectorworks software for design and Artlantis for visualisation, and explored the internal proposals in some detail to enable the clients to see what they were getting, and also to illustrate the proposals to neighbours. This included going beyond the 3D views provided by kitchen suppliers to show the fittings in the actual space they would occupy.