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Sustainable Design

Constructive Individuals is a small practice, but very efficient in the way projects are carried forward. All design work - after any initial hand-drawn sketches to shape initial ideas - is carried out on computer.

We use sophisticated 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, which means that in addition to producing traditional plans, sections and elevations, we work with a 3D model of the proposed building.

This gives us much more flexibility in the type of information we can produce, which might include...

Having the proposals on computer means that changes can be made very quickly, and "what if" versions can be produced to explore ideas.

We are also able to use energy design software including the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) to accurately model energy use, internal temperatures, solar gains etc. Again, alternatives can be quickly explored and "what if" scenarios calculated and considered.

As a Certified Passivhaus Designer, Passivhaus certification in the UK can be "fast-tracked" through BRE.

…Simple snapshots of the building interior...

…through to furnished and populated views...

Photomontages showing the proposals in context...

...which often help with planning committees and neighbours.

It’s not all
computers though -

we used to run courses in self build...

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Phil Bixby has spent plenty
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