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Helping Groups
and Communities

We have been involved in working with communities - in all sorts of ways - for most of the life of the practice.

This has enabled us to develop skills which enable us to dive much deeper than most architects into the process of decision-making, so we can truly work with community groups of all ages to help them work out what they want to be able to do, and what spaces or buildings would best fit their needs (and budgets).

We can...

...Help identify issues and needs, bringing ideas from groups of any size and moving them from the abstract to the practical

We can very quickly develop design proposals and illustrate them in a way which makes them easy to visualise.

We can identify skills within neighbourhoods and look at opportunities to combine training, employment and construction in innovative ways.

We have done a lot of work over the years with children and young people, working within schools, youth groups and youth councils with the same effectiveness we achieve with adult groups, and have worked with youth workers, landscape architects and community development professionals in a variety of ways.

Not sure how this might apply to your neighbourhood? Take a look at the Projects page for a few examples.